Width: 10' to over 200' (unlimited with interior columns)

Length: Unlimited

All Coverco steel buildings are completely customizable and engineered to suit any application and standard. A committed turnkey team of designers, engineers and construction staff ensures the best solution for any specific project. Steel structures provide an economical and low maintenance alternative that can be additionally enhanced with glass, brick, stucco and a variety of other aesthetic architectural facades and features. Steel buildings can be erected relatively quickly and allow provision for seamless future expansion requirements. Coverco steel structures can be engineered as a free-span design (without interior support columns) to provide ultimate flexibility and utilize maximum square footage.


  • Large selection of colors
  • Wide variety of panel designs
  • Various trim choices
  • 24, 26 or 29 gauge sheeting

Additional Options

  • Engineered clear-span design
  • Aesthetic facades and features including: glass, brick, stucco, etc

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Panel Profiles

Standard Panels

7.2 Panel

PBA Panel

PBC Panel

PBD Panel

PBR Panel

PBU Panel

Standing Seam Panels






Panel Colors

Colors for Standard Panels:

Signature® 200 Colors

Signature® 300 Colors

Standing Seam Panels

Signature® 200 Colors

Signature® 300 Colors

Signature® 300 Metallic


Concrete Walls:
Poured In Place

Concrete Walls:
Pre-Cast w/ Buttress

Concrete Pier

Concrete Slab

Screw Anchors

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FAQ's: Steel Buildings



Does Coverco Buildings offer installation and complete project management?

As a true project management turnkey Coverco Buildings is a one-stop solution for clients through all development stages including: design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance. The company’s team implements extensive knowledge and experience to transform challenges into solutions. A dedicated local presence assures projects are completed on time and on budget.

Are the buildings painted?

Yes. The wall panels and/or roof panels and trims are painted with a long-lasting factory-applied paint, available in a variety of colors. A Galvalume finish is also available.

Can I choose a paint color for my building?

Yes. You can choose from a variety of colors. Galvalume is also available.

Can I put doors and windows on my metal building?

Yes! As a part of your building planning process, we will offer suggestions on door locations and configurations that will best suit your needs and budget.

Is it possible to customize my building?

Yes. Coverco Buildings offers economical and customizable pre-engineered buildings, compatible with a wide variety of options. Our team will work with you to design the perfect building to suit your specific requirements.

Do I need a building permit for my building?

It is highly recommended getting a permit to ensure that your building will meet the correct requirements for your area.

Will my building meet local building codes, wind and snow load requirements?

Yes, we will design your building to meet the requirements of your local building codes and provide drawings stamped and certified by a Professional Engineer who is licensed to practice in your province.

What is the difference between “PBR” and “PBR Reversed” wall panels?

The main difference is which side of the panel is painted. The choice is primarily based on personal preference and aesthetics.

What is the difference between PBR and Ultra-Dek roof panels?

YPBR roof panels are fastened to the supporting purlins using screws that penetrate the panel. Detailing methods, trims, and sealants all assist to reduce the risk of roof leaks.

The PBR roof panel system is a very common roof system and is recommended for roof slopes of 1:12 or greater. Our Ultra-Dek roof system is a "standing seam" roof system that hides all roof penetrations under the seamed panel ribs. This reduces the risk of roof leaks and is a superior roof. Lower roof slopes can also be achieved.

Do I need gutters and downspouts?

Gutters and downspouts are not required with respect to the performance of the building. While they allow water to be collected from the roof, they also need to be kept clean. The gutters and downspouts must be kept free from ice that may keep water from properly draining from the roof. In some cases, water on the roof may be blocked sufficiently that it pools and penetrates the roof, causing a leak.

Do you charge extra for a custom building design?

No. Every Coverco building is a custom structure. The price we quote you for your building includes your custom design.