First Calhoun structure erected over two decades ago.

Benefitting from over 20 years of industry experience, Coverco Buildings is an established leader in the Fabric and Steel Structures market. As a versatile solution to conventional construction, the company offers economical and customizable pre-engineered buildings, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Coverco Buildings’ focuses on providing superior structure solutions for Canadian conditions. The company has their buildings designed to ensure consistent quality counters the uniquely harsh and rugged local climate elements.

Superior Engineering is the hallmark of the corporation. This dedicated emphasis on structural integrity is what differentiates the company’s products from buildings often not in conformance with code, and therefore unable to endure site-specific snow and wind loads. When determining a structure, engineering is the most important component to consider. The Coverco Buildings standard is unrivaled.

For decades, the company’s products have enabled prominent businesses and organizations to find better construction alternatives. Coverco Buildings specializes in catering to oil & gas, agricultural, and mining sectors; while providing solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from recreational centers to warehousing to commodity storage. Coverco Buildings offers a rapid, cost-effective, completely customizable and relocatable solution for any enterprise.

As a true project management turnkey, Coverco Buildings is a one-stop solution for clients through all development stages including: design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance. The company’s team implements extensive knowledge and experience to transform challenges into solutions. A dedicated local presence assures projects are completed on time and on budget. Integral commitment to safety protocol is always high priority.

Coverco Buildings offers the best warranty in the business with up to a 50 year protection plan. The true testament of a product is guaranteed quality and assured longevity on an unprecedented extended basis. As the company’s cornerstone, Superior Engineering is the essence of this unparalleled confidence.